Day 1

I registered as a user on The experience is very new to me because I have never entered a virtual world in which I am an avatar. I thought it was interesting to pick an avatar that represents you. However, I did have a difficult time choosing the right avatar simply because there were only limited types of avatars to pick from, unless you pay money to have premium status. With premium status, I think you can make your avatar very similar to the way you look.  Currently my avatar is Caucasian, short haired, and wears glasses when in fact I am Asian with short curly hair and wears glasses every so often, weird but it works. However, they did have an Asian avatar but he did not look anything like me. When I finished my avatar selection my avatar is put into “Welcome Island” where I see 3 to 4 avatars as well. I wonder then how many avatars come to this island per day because it seems people come in regularly. I (as an avatar) walk through an orientation at my own pace but I talk to no one in the group.


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    June 2011