Day 2 

I found a way to change my avatar’s appearance to being Asian, but I can’t seem to change my avatar’s hair do. He has the long straight hair Asian look. When entering the program I start at the same place I logged off. Today I was put back onto “Welcome Island” and met someone right away. We had a brief conversation which consisted of “hello” and “I don’t know what I am doing”, followed by a quick “good bye”. I go into different destinations in which other avatars are participating in. For instance, one can be in London and go to different clubbing places or on a mountainous terrain along the ocean. In these different worlds there is music in the background to engage the user with the setting. Overall, I still feel awkward about talking to people in the virtual world and get frustrated by all the directions that are needed to control my avatar. I am getting bored of Secondlife but at the same time I am awed with how this fake world almost perfectly resembles reality.  

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    June 2011